Diving Adventures

Costa Rica’s underwater wonders range from coastal coral reefs in Guanacaste to offshore islands including Caño Island nearby and of course, the spectacular and world renowned Coco´s Island. While near the coast, the visibility may seem to be a little low compared to other celebrated diving destinations in the world, the variety of fish is quite remarkable, as are the massive schools of fish, the array of marine life and the ideal water temperature throughout the year. Now, if you are serious about diving, then Tachiz Travel will take you to Coco’s Island, (two days off our Pacific Coast), a lush, green uninhabited island resting 342 miles off our Pacific coast. It was designated a world Heritage site by UNESCO since 1997. Rocky pinnacles surrounding Coco´s are beacons for big animals and for big action. Schooling hammerheads, countless white-tip sharks, mantas, tuna, turtles, giant frogfish and even whale sharks call Coco’s their home. Weather permitting; we will take you for a hike through the jungles of Coco´s Island as well. We do recommend 3-5 mm wetsuit for Coco’s Island seven days of unique diving experiences. We consistently and personally provide the best service and value. Here are 2 initial proposals for you. They are fully customizable as well. Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica will gladly propose and arrange for special surprises once we learn more about your specific interests.

Detailed Itinerary

Write us now to start working on your dream Costa Rica Diving Adventure of a Lifetime. Once we speak and best understand your wishes and interests, we will send you a free fully-customizable detailed proposal with incredible accommodations, prices, special meals, choices of unique bilingual guided activities and more.