Guanacaste & Caño Island Underwater Worlds


Imagine swimming alongside reef sharks, giant manta rays, and playful turtles! Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast offers some of the best diving in the world.

Northern Pacific Delights: Explore the vibrant reefs and spot whales, barracudas, and more. Plus, we’ll take you on thrilling adventures in the tropical dry forest.

Then, we will fly you to Corcovado and its tropical Rainforest. It is otherwise known as the most biologically intense place on earth.   Enjoy your dives at The Caño Island in the southern Pacific Coast, which is the best place to scuba dive in the country.  Furthermore, it is home to 18 species of coral, 3 species of dolphin and 57 different species of crustaceans.  In other words, this tiny island is the ultimate scuba diving spot.

Team Tachiz consistently provides Adventures of a Lifetime in Costa Rica.  Also, once we learn more from you, we will be happy to arrange for special surprises.

Detailed Itinerary

Write us now to start working on your dream Costa Rica Diving Adventure of a Lifetime. Once we speak and best understand your wishes and interests, we will send you a free fully-customizable detailed proposal with incredible accommodations, prices, special meals, choices of unique bilingual guided activities and more.