Arenal Volcano & Northern Plains

This is a very beautiful and fun area in the Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica. The Arenal Volcano is an almost perfect cone shape, it rises 5,436 feet above sea level, and it has a crater 140 meters deep formed over an ancient caldera. It is one of the most spectacular regions in the country. This National Park is surrounded by magnificent natural attractions and openly friendly people. In fact, for nature lovers, the Arenal region also offers numerous hiking trails near the volcano, where one can see some stunning waterfalls, rivers, and beautiful plant and wildlife in addition to enjoying some of its hot springs and spas. The Volcano has not been active lately, and some experts say it could be 400 years before it erupts again. But the Arenal-Fortuna area still remains the capital of adventure in Costa Rica to many. Watch our Tachiz Travel video here:

This is a relaxing and beautiful destination that you can choose to enjoy as a very active one as well. Some bilingual guided activities we can arrange for you in this area include: Guided night hikes, horseback riding to the Volcano or to the waterfalls, guided hikes to the old lava flows or suspended bridges, mountain biking, canopy tours, exploring the Venado Caverns, white water rafting at la Balsa or Toro rivers, floating tours on the Peñas Blancas River or boat trips to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Aerial Tram guided adventures, lake fishing & several hot springs places just to name a few.

The volcano dates back to some 3 million years ago. In 1968, the Arenal Volcano spewed rocks, ashes and gas destroying the nearby villages of Tabacon. La Fortuna Town was born after the eruption as the town center and village for the Arenal Volcano area. It has grown around the adventure tourism industry. La Fortuna is a great place for dining, shopping and meeting the friendly inhabitants. It retains much of its original Tico charm. Across from the Volcano sits the sparkling Arenal Lake, the largest artificial lake in Costa Rica, a delight for sports fishermen, avid windsurf enthusiasts and nature lovers as well.

The Arenal area is suitable for blue jeans, shorts, T shirts, a bathing suit for the hot springs, and light rain gear since you are likely to get some warm rain.

Weather: Throughout the year, you will get a mix of sun, clouds, and sudden bursts of rain. Since the weather is mild, no one minds and gardens stay green year round. You may enjoy days of almost constant rain but there are no constants. From February through April, the volcano is usually clear during the day, but the clouds will start to cover it at night. The volcano is spectacular to view during the day. The weather is really unpredictable. If you see the volcano during the day, you will very likely be very impressed. We will find for you from affordable to luxury unique hotels. Some but not all of them, have their own hot springs on site.

Approx. driving distances to Arenal: From San Jose less than 3 hours, from Monteverde 4 hours going around the lake, from Guanacaste 4 to 5 hours, from Puerto Viejo Limon 6 hours, from Manuel Antonio 5 hours, from Jaco 4 hours.