Central Valley

San Jose, (SJO), is our capital city in Costa Rica. Heredia is 10 miles to the north with its evergreen mountains and wonderful weather. Cartago, (our former capital), is to the east and Alajuela is to the west. At Tachiz Travel, we can arrange for at least 20 different guided nature and cultural adventures from these cities. This Central Valley Region is also where any serious business takes place in Costa Rica. San Jose is within a 30 minute drive from the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO).

Our offices and headquarters for Tachiz Travel Costa Rica are in Barva de Heredia at the foot of the Barva Volcano. Barva is also the oldest settlement in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Unlike most towns in Costa Rica that are named after a saint, Barva is named after an indian chief, Barvac, who ferociously fought the Spaniards. It is prime coffee territory and home to the global headquarters for the world renowned Café Britt Coffee Company. (Watch one of our 4 minute videos on picking coffee by hand here in Barva:

There is a tradition during the patron’s saint´s festivities which is to have a cimarrona band and a masquerade with people dancing around the streets like it is the case in all towns of Costa Rica. However, in Barva, the people wearing masks chase the crowds to hit them with inflated pig bladders. Watch our 90 second video on Barva.

San Jose is still the political and the financial center of the country, and the home of several fine universities and museums. San José rises 3770 feet above sea level. It enjoys an ideal climate with the rest of the Central Valley, averaging daytime temperatures of 75 F. The rainy season (or green season, as we prefer), begins in May and lasts until late October. During the day, sunny skies prevail until afternoon showers quench the vegetation for a few hours. The rest of the year generally brings hot clear days, and cool fresh evenings. San José boasts a blend of modern and classic architecture. Notable among the latter is the spectacular National Theatre of colonial vintage. This relatively clean and thriving metropolitan area, which is safer than any major U.S. city, offers the finest of restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The streets are crowded with vehicles though. We can arrange for approx. 20 different bilingual guided Adventures out of San Jose and Heredia.

Approximate driving distances to San Jose: From San Jose Airport 30 minutes, from Arenal 3 hours, from Guanacaste 4 to 5 hours, from Jaco 1 and a half hours, from Manuel Antonio 3 hours, from Puerto Viejo Limon 6 hours, from Monteverde 3.5 hours.

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