Costa Rica & Panama

Since you are already in these latitudes, why not visit the main highlights of Panama as well? We can do this as a pre or a post-extension to your adventure of a lifetime to Costa Rica. The Panama Canal has been called the 8th wonder of the world. We will enjoy for you to enjoy a partial transit on the canal and experience, first hand this incredible piece of engineering and its operation. The Old Panama City offers an incredible contrast with the vibrant and modern Panama City. Yet, the Embera Authentic Indian Village is an experience not to be missed either. We will take you on traditional Embera hand-carved canoes on the Chagres River to witness a mystic ritual and their incredible knowledge of medicinal plants. These attractions will complement very well with the nature based Eco-Safaris and Eco-Adventures in Costa Rica. We consistently and personally provide the best service and value. Team Tachiz™ at Tachiz Travel™ Costa Rica will gladly propose and arrange for special surprises once we learn more about your specific interests.


Detailed Itinerary

Write us now to start working on your dream Costa Rica & Panama Adventure of a Lifetime. Once we speak and best understand your wishes and interests, we will send you free fully-customizable detailed proposal with incredible accommodations, prices, meals, choices of unique bilingual guided activities and more.